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At the beginning, someone's hungry. Let's call him your new customer
He selects from your online
menu and places an order
Information about the new order
is delivered to the kitchen
The order is ready for delivery
or to be picked up

Why Shupito?

Tested & verified

Tens of thousands of orders processed
in real-world operation

Good value

Minimal starting
& monthly costs


Possibility to change features and looks
based on your specific needs


From the web order to a receipt
in BlueGastro POS system


Your restaurant can be online
selling food as soon as in 5 days


Possible enhancements by other modules
from the full-featured BlueGastro system


Focus on what you are best at - great food


Orders come to the system straight from the web. There is a visual and sound notification for every new order when it arrives. If the order is accepted by an operator, it is switched to an active state and waits for completing. As soon as the order is completed, it is closed via a BlueGastro POS. Recipe is printed and attached to the package - ready for its way to the customer or to be picked up in the restaurant.


With Shupito, you'll get a smart tool to collect customer's data, such as
e-mail addresses, and use it for your marketing activities. Saving the customer's phone number by the operator reduces time and allows for a quick identification the next time the customer orders.


System generates wide statistics of sales, useful to evaluate your business decisions over the time. It offers overview of sales, top selling products, streets you are delivering to, etc. It even offers live charts of orders based on time, day of month or time of the day.


You can freely manage your products, set their types (small or big pizza etc.), characteristics (hot, vegetarian etc.), additives (olives, cheese etc.), add pictures, or change the order they'll be displayed in. You can organise them in categories and set the view type and the picture for each category. You can also assign unique ID numbers that will be used to pair products with the POS devices.


Shupito is extremely useful for restaurants with multiple locations. After identifying the order, it can be sent to proper location closest to the customer 's address. In case of different opening times between locations, it can be redirected to a location that is currently open. City streets are divided into zones which can have different conditions of delivery.

Phone orders

A phone order is still a method of choice for some customers. The phone operator's dashboard allows to simply add products to an order while speaking to a customer on the phone. Order is then processed via the same system as the one received from the web. The big advantage here is the single system of registration and taking orders for both phone and web.


Basic content management system allows you to add and edit articles, pages or banners. Editing content with a WYSIWYG editor can be handled by anyone and doesn't require any special technical knowledge.

Multi-level administration

System allows simple management of users who are allowed to access the backend of Shupito. You can set the access rights for users in three roles: Administrator, Manager and Operator.


Minimal starting costs and fixed monthly fee

How much does it cost?

  Starter Light Standard Pro
Products and categories administration        
Shopping cart        
Online order – a button on your website        
Dedicated website for online ordering        
Registration and customer management        
Basic content management system        
Mobile version        
Multiple locations*        
Language selection        
Additional optional extra modules        
Callcentrum % % % %
Portal Ham! integration % % % %
Delivery % % % %
Implementation fee € 0 € 0 € 499 € 499
Monthly fee € 0 € 29 € 59 € 69

Extra modules

BlueGastro POS integration € 99
Online payments** € 99
Discount vouchers € 99
Image gallery € 99
SMS notifications*** € 99
MailChimp integration € 99
Sygic Job Dispatch integration € 99
Loyalty program € 399
Custom design € 499
White label € 499

Prices are 20% VAT excluded.

*Location with the same menu +€ 19 per month

**The customer can choose between TatraPay, CardPay, or GP Webpay. Should you require integration with another payment system, please contact us.

***SMS notifications are priced from € 0.04 per SMS

Shupito is a hosted service running on our optimised servers.

If you're looking for a way to increase your restaurant's exposure and further increase the amount of your online orders, we would like to recommend the registration and integration of your restaurant on Ham! - portal with all the delivery restaurants under one roof.

Extra services

Design starting kit
This kit contains graphic design of a logo and its usage on media needed for daily operation of restaurant with delivery: branding of the car, food packaging, t-shirts, napkins and flyers with your offers.

Engage your customers via Email. Newsletter is a perfect way to let them know about the change in opening hours, upcoming specials, new menu items or just wish them nice holidays.

Graphics services
Additionally to creating your website, we also offer other graphic design services, from the Menu layout to billboards.

Facebook page
We'll create a Facebook page for you and link it with the website via a Facebook widget.

Food photography
Grab your customers' attention with professional photos of your prepared meals. Professionally arranged, shot, and edited food photos should be a part of your new website. Let us take care of that for you.

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Tens of thousands orders processed in real-world operation

Who is using Shupito?

Shupito makes the life easier for number of successful operations offering food delivery and pickup in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Automated system allows to serve more customers and eliminates errors caused by human factor - anywhere in the world.

Become a successful food delivery provider, use modern technologies and  get more orders. With Shupito it is easier and simpler than ever before.


Fill out the pre-order form & we'll get in touch

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