Carbon Steel Garden Auger Spiral Drills

by Shupito
Save 18%


  • Quickly and efficiently plant bedding plants and bulbs or mix paint, mortar, or soil in a bucket or wheelbarrow.
  • Made of heavy-duty steel, with glossy black painted finish.
  • You can make the difficult jobs of digging of any kind, fast and easy. The cordless drill makes it a quick fix tool which is easy to control too. It also allows the operator to stand upright and cause less to no strain on the back, as it's meant to be held stationary as the hole is bored. Hence, saving your time and labor!
  • 12Variants: 9X30CM, 5X18CM, 9X60CM, 9X40CM, 10X60CM, 10X30CM, 8X45CM, 4X22CM, 8X60CM, 8X30CM, 4X45CM